Learn how to Mesmerise

 “How to Mesmerise”
on-line course

This training contains the course content from a live 2-day workshop in London
with James Pool

The first level of the mesmerism practitioner training, this is a practical introduction to the subject of  mesmerism and how to mesmerise others.

A fascinating course, both for your knowledge about its history, but also for the very hands-on training we received.

The whole idea of magnetism and use of that for therapy is just extraordinary.

By using this old technique, mesmerism is going to be reborn to stand strongly in today’s therapy world.

James, with his lovely calm personality and academic background, taught me how to mesmerise and how to use and transfer this valuable bio energy that produces an amazing deep trance and is known to be an excellent aid in the healing process.

I could feel the people that attended the course almost buzzing. My senses and energy levels heightened. I am certainly looking forward to the next step in becoming fully trained practitioner and thanks to James that will be possible.

Nina Crawley, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Topics covered on the course include:

  • The benefits and uses of mesmerism
  • The history and politics surrounding mesmerism.
  • How to induce and awaken from a mesmeric trance
  • Live demonstrations of practical mesmerism
  • Using mesmerism for automatic writing
  • How the mesmerist projects intention
  • Mesmerism with and without words
  • Mesmerism in India
  • Mesmerism case studies
  • Mesmeric passes with will
  • Mesmerism using a mirror
  • Using mesmerism for catalepsy
  • Waking Mesmerism
  • Mesmerism and spirituality & psychotherapy

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The course contains over 7 hours of footage filmed live at a “How to Mesmerise” weekend workshop and contains practical demonstrations and instructions to be able to mesmerise. It also features the background and history of Mesmer and the early mesmerists which lends huge credibility to anyone practising mesmerism. It’s very important to know some history of the techniques you are learning as people WILL be curious because it is such a specialist subject. With James’s background, you have a unique opportunity to learn the pure form of this secret art from the source.

Thank you James for an incredible weekend…. I felt privileged to have been invited. Amazing, in-depth content, practical learning and I LOVED experiencing the mesmeric trance…. a very distinctly different feeling to hypnosis.  It was fascinating to be able to actually see energy passing from one another, and to experience very heightened senses after the weekend.

Just this one weekend has really developed my understanding and learning at a kinesthetic level of the mind-body-universal connections, and I am really excited about joining you for the full practitioner training and being able to use this unique and very powerful state with my clients.

Katie Glen, www.katieglen.com

You’ll see James demonstrating the techniques in live demonstrations so you experience watching mesmerism taught by the only person to have been passed the secrets that have been handed down directly from Mesmer himself.

You’ll learn the background and history behind mesmerism and comprehensive case histories that clearly demonstrate its healing powers using the same techniques that Mesmer himself used with his clients.

You’ll see the amazing power of mesmerism and learn the fundamentals of how to become a confident mesmerist.

If you’re a therapist you’ll find mesmerism a powerful addition to the toolbox of techniques you can use with clients as there are certain conditions that mesmerism is more effective at treating than hypnosis.

“Being able to put someone in a mesmeric state without the use of words was a highlight of the weekend. It was surprisingly effective. Truly amazing!”


 The complete “How to Mesmerise” course.

 Personal critique by James of student demonstrating mesmerism skills (via video upload).

 Online video call with James Pool (20 mins)

 Supplementary online training

 Personal student support via email from James Pool

 Certification: Mesmerism Practitioner Level I upon completion of written exam and competent demonstration of mesmerism skills.